General Terms of Sales


The general conditions of sale detailed below (hereinafter referred to as the "General Conditions") shall exclusively govern the contractual relationship between any user of the Site (hereinafter called a "User" or "You") and the company-owned dealer Serge Pariente capital of 100,000 Euros, whose headquarters is located at 9 rue Béranger 75003 Paris, registered with the Paris Trade and Companies under number B 73 8015 (hereinafter designated "Serge Pariente"). These conditions of sale are the only applicable and replace all other conditions, except for prior express written consent.
Serge Pariente company may be occasionally led to modify certain provisions of its general conditions, so it is necessary that they be reread before each order on the site (hereinafter the "Site").
These amendments are binding as from their on-line and can not apply to contracts concluded earlier. Each purchase on the Site is governed by the terms and conditions applicable on the date of the order.
By accessing the site, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

The Site allows Serge Pariente to offer the sale of products manufactured by and / or for Serge Pariente or potential business partners (hereinafter the "Products") to users browsing the website
It is specified that the Products purchases on the site are reserved for non-commercial individuals aged over 18 years and have full legal capacity.
With the exception of business customers, that is to say, authorized resellers Serge Pariente, the site does not allow the purchase of goods for resale. As such, the user's attention is particularly drawn to the fact that its order shall not exceed twenty (20) items per order. We also reserve the right to refuse any order with an abnormal character. Any order for a Product offered on the Site entails full acceptance of the User to these Terms of Sale.

The process of ordering consists of three (3) stages.
Once your choice made products (size, color, quantity), and validated your bag, you should:
- Create your account or log in if your account already exists.
- Accept the terms and conditions by checking the box provided for this purpose on the summary page of your order (called "summary")
- Choose your mode of settlement.
Once your selected payment method, you must make the payment of your order, which will formalize a firm and final contract of sale between you and Serge Pariente.
The creation account automatically triggers a subscription to information emails Serge Pariente
To unsubscribe from your account, click on newsletter and check the box.


Serge Pariente takes great care in putting online information on essential characteristics of products in particular through detailed descriptions and multiple photographs illustrating the products and in compliance with the best market standards.
Only products appearing on the site the day of the order by the Customer are offered for sale.
Product offerings and prices are valid within the limit of available stock, as they are visible on the site.
The reproduced photographs and illustrating the products presented are not contractual.


Prices are listed on the site in euros, all taxes included (VAT), excluding the cost of handling and shipping costs.
The value added tax is that in force on the French territory.
They take account of VAT and any discounts applicable on the date of the Order.
All new taxes or contributions, including environmental, are likely to be passed on to the sales prices items.
Product prices are exclusive of delivery charges (freight and packaging making the package according to current amounts).
The amount of shipping costs is specified on the Site before validation of the Order.
Serge Pariente reserves the right to change prices for products at any time, the items being billed based on rates in effect at the time of the validation of each Order.
The price of items is charged that indicated in the Order.


The price invoiced to the Client is the price indicated in the order confirmation sent to the Client by email.
The Order is payable immediately by credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or payment account (PayPal).
The Customer is informed by email once the order shipped, that his invoice including shipping and applicable VAT, is available online on the customer account.
Transactions on the site are assigned to a payment platform secure online.
They are secured by a solution that provides highly secure pages for entering payment data: card number, expiry date and security code.
This platform encrypts and sends the payment data to the bank, in confidence and makes them inaccessible to third parties.


We will honor your order while stock is available.
In the event that one of the products ordered is not available in our stocks, we promise to contact you by email within a maximum period of 15 days from the date of your order to inform you and you indicate how soon, this could, if appropriate, be delivered to you. You can then either keep your order or canceling it.
If keeping your order and partial delivery, you will not be charged for more than the price of the delivered products and as and when they become available.


The Customer will receive by email an order number confirming its good management. The Client will be informed of the various stages of his command by email.
The shipment will be announced by email to the Customer, to the e-mail address provided by the latter on his account.
The ordered items will be delivered within a maximum of 30 calendar days from the date of registration of the order, subject to full payment.
The customer is offered several delivery methods chosen by the Customer and the Customer's expense.

The Client is offered several delivery modes chosen by the Client and at the client's expense.
- For shipments in mainland France: shipments are provided free of charge to the Customer by COLLISSIMO or CHRONOPOST for a shipment in express mode at his home or in a relay point.
- For shipments in Europe or outside Europe: shipments are made only via COLLISSIMO
For all orders for a delivery in France, shipping costs are offered. For the whole order, via Chronopost, before 12h, the delivery will be made under 24 / 48h.

An order placed on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday will be validated and processed until the following business day.
With the shipment number, the customer can follow the progress of the package on the carrier's website chosen by the Customer.
The Customer is informed that it is for it to provide exactly all the details necessary for the proper delivery of its order and perfect delivery (access code, access specification for example).
If the Customer is absent at delivery, a notice will inform the Client of the terms of the conservation of its packages and its availability under the sole and exclusive responsibility of the carrier.
If the Customer informed by delivery address is not valid and thus induces a return of the parcel for non-receipt to the address indicated, the packages of return postage to the new address will be forwarded to the Customer.
A delivery is included in the package, listing the items ordered and actually delivered.
The Client assumes entirely and exclusively risks relating to the items after delivery.


The items are delivered to the shipping address provided by the Customer when the Order no later than the date specified in the order and depending on the country of delivery.
Serge Pariente makes every effort to deliver the order within 3 business days after the order and agrees that the delivery is carried out within a maximum period of 30 calendar days.

In case of delay in delivery of more than 7 working days from the maximum period referred to above, the Customer may contact Serge Pariente email for direct execute the delivery within a reasonable additional period. In case of non-compliance with this new deadline, the customer can ask Serge Pariente email the cancellation of his order.
The contract and therefore the sale will be considered broken at the reception by Serge Pariente email or a letter in which the Client informed of the decision unless the delivery is made between the sending and receiving email or the letter of the Customer.
In the event that the Order would be permanently canceled, the customer will obtain the refund of the price paid for his order within 14 calendar days following the cancellation confirmed by email.
In the event that the Customer would receive the parcel after the cancellation of his order, Serge Pariente will refund the items and the cost of return, to receive all of them in their perfect original condition.
Each delivery is done as soon availability of the package with the Client, including by the carrier, materialized by the control system used by the carrier.
If the package is damaged or if the article does not meet the Customer's Order, it must proceed within 30 calendar days after shipping the return procedure described in the following article.
In case of delivery by a carrier that requires making an appointment with the Customer, the carrier contacts the customer in the shortest possible time to arrange an appointment for delivery, 30 calendar days at the latest from the control validation date.
Serge Pariente can not be responsible for late delivery due exclusively to a Customer's unavailability after several proposals for appointment by the carrier.
If on the occasion of the same order, delivery dates of several different items, the delivery date is based on the latest date of the order date.


In the event of delivery of an Item not corresponding to the Order of the Customer, or defect related to the transport, the Client may return this Article to Serge Pariente following the procedure provided below and accessible on the Site.
In order to benefit from the refund:
The Customer has fifteen (15) calendar days from receipt of his Order by contacting Serge Pariente at

This right of withdrawal is exercised without having to justify reasons or to pay penalties (when the deadline ends on a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday or a non-working day, it is extended to the next working day) and may All or part of the order.

In order to take his request for withdrawal into consideration, Serge Pariente will send the customer a return voucher to be attached to the parcel. This return voucher must be printed and inserted into the package to be returned. No return can be validated without this one.

Return offered as part of an exchange only (and not a refund and off-sale products). The customer must request a prepaid return voucher from the site indicating that he wishes to make an exchange. If the customer changes his mind and wishes a refund, once the prepaid voucher has been sent to him, then the return costs will be deducted from the refund amount.

Any claim brought after this period can not be accepted and Serge Pariente will be released from all responsibility. The return costs are the responsibility of the customer. The client will return, in the original packaging of the Articles, to the following address:

Serge Pariente
9 rue Béranger
75003 Paris
Any non-conforming return (without the return ticket, failure to respect the aforementioned deadline) will be rejected and Serge Pariente will be released from all liability. The Customer shall also ensure that the products for which he retracts are returned complete and in perfect condition. The liability of the Customer may be incurred by Serge Pariente in case of depreciation of the articles resulting from manipulations other than those necessary to establish the nature and the characteristics of these articles.


Under the EU Directive 2011/83 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on the rights of consumers in distance sales contracts, as implemented in the country of the Customer, the latter is entitled to cancel the order at any time within 14 calendar days following the date on which it received the products.

The Customer therefore has a period of 14 calendar days from the receipt of the Order to exercise his right of withdrawal and without having to give reasons or pay penalties.
If the Client wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal, they should contact Serge Pariente at Serge Pariente will send by email a good back to join the parcel. The return good must be printed and inserted into the package to return; No return will be validated without it.

Once the voucher printed return, the Customer shall return - shipping within 7 calendar days after the date of the right of return - his or item (s) not compliant (s), in the original packaging articles, thanks to the prepaid label, to the following address:
Serge Pariente
9 rue Beranger
75003 Paris
If the above conditions are met, Serge Pariente reimburse the User his order within fifteen (15) working days from the receipt by Serge Pariente Products.


Repayment on the website / special cases:
If the conditions for the return of products are met, Serge Pariente will offer a refund of the amount corresponding to the initial purchase.
Serge Pariente reimburse the User within fifteen (15) working days from the receipt by Serge Pariente Products.

All our products are of the legal regime of the guarantee, provided that the use was normal and that the care instructions have been followed.
Article L211-4 of the Consumer Code:
The seller must deliver goods in conformity with the contract and liable for defects of conformity existing upon delivery.
It also answers the lack of conformity resulting from the packaging, instructions for assembly or installation when it was put to him by the contract or was carried out under his responsibility.
Article L211-5 of the Consumer Code:
To comply with the contract, the product must:
1º be fit for the purpose usually associated with such a product and, where applicable:
- Match the description given by the trader and possess the qualities that he has presented to the buyer as a sample or model;
- The features that a buyer might reasonably expect given the public statements made by the seller, the producer or his representative, particularly in advertising or labeling;
2º or have the characteristics defined by mutual agreement by the parties or be suitable for any particular purpose for which the buyer made known to the seller and the latter accepted.
Article L211-12 of the Consumer Code:
The action resulting from lack of conformity lapses two years after delivery of the goods.
Article 1641 of the Civil Code:
The seller must guarantee in respect of hidden defects of the thing sold which render it unfit for the use for which it was intended, or that decrease this use that the buyer would not have acquired, or n ' have paid a lower price if he had known.
Article 1648, paragraph 1 of the Civil Code:
The action resulting from latent defects must be brought by the purchaser within two years after discovery of the defect.


Personal information:
Personal information is processed by Serge Pariente for the purpose of customer relationship management and prospecting. In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, updated by the law of August 6, 2004, the Customer has a right of access, rectification and opposition to personal data. To exercise this right, the Customer must send a letter to the following address: Serge Pariente, customer service 9 rue Beranger 75003 Paris France
Cookies :
The website employs the use of cookies. A cookie is a computer file stored on the hard disk of the Client PC. It aims to report a previous visit the Customer on the Site. Cookies are used by Serge Pariente in order to personalize the service offered to the customer.
The Client retains the option to refuse cookies by configuring their browser. He loses the ability to customize the service which is issued by Serge Pariente through the Site.
Web Tags:
Certain web pages of the Site may contain web beacons that allow to count the number of visitors to the Site and / or to provide Serge Pariente a certain number of indicators.
These web beacons can be used with some of our partners, particularly to measure and improve the effectiveness of the Site.
In any event, the information obtained through these Tags are strictly anonymous and simply gather statistics on traffic to certain pages of the Site, and to better serve visitors to our Site.


Force majeure:
Serge Pariente will not be liable for the total or partial non-performance of its obligations under this contract, if such non-performance is caused by an event of force majeure, especially in case of disruption or total or partial strike of postal services and means of transport and / or communication, flood or fire.
Serge Pariente notify the user of an event of force majeure, within 5 working days of its occurrence.
The Parties agree to consult promptly to determine the order processing arrangements during the period of force majeure.
Beyond a period of one (1) month of interruption force majeure, the parties will be released from their obligations towards each other. If necessary, Serge Pariente reimburse the Buyer without delay.
Entire Agreement:
These general conditions of sale and the order summary sent to the User form a contract summarizing the entire agreement and agreements between the parties.
Applicable law - Competent courts:
These general conditions of sale and the contractual relations between Serge Pariente and the User are subject to French law. In case of dispute the French courts will have jurisdiction. Serge Pariente will, however, seek an amicable solution before any legal action.
The entire contents of Serge Pariente website (illustrations, texts, names, trademarks, images, videos) is the property of Serge Pariente. Any partial or total reproduction of the content by any means whatsoever and on any medium is subject to prior and express authorization of Serge Pariente.
Serge Pariente can not give you permission to copy, display or distribute content that you do not have intellectual property rights. Any use of these contents in fraud of the rights held by third parties on these is constitutive of forgery, severely punished by the Code of Intellectual Property.
Serge Pariente can in no way be held responsible for the violation by a user rights held by third parties and perpetrated because of the activities of the latter on the Site.


Given the possible evolution of the site and regulation, Serge Pariente reserves the right to modify at any time these Terms.
The new GTC will, where appropriate, notified to the Customer by online modification and will apply only to sales made after the modification.


These Terms are governed by French law.
Any dispute subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of French courts of the place of domicile of the Client, failing amicable agreement between the Customer and Serge Pariente.
These Terms do not affect the Customer's statutory rights as a consumer. For more information about their rights, they should contact their local authority or a consumer advice organization.